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The Product

A Next Generation Teaching & Learning Platform providing all the benefits – without any of the hassle

The Aula Platforms are providing full featured Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), offered both as a B2C and B2B fully hosted and supported service, available either directly to Teachers, Trainers and Students, or as a complete full online or blended learning solution for the entire Educational Institution.

This is a Next Generation Teaching & Learning Platform that is not compromising on any functionality.  On the contrary, the core of the platform is based on the number one most implemented and full featured Open Source LMS in the world with more than 280  million users and more than 180,000 registered sites globally.

The company has invested heavily in the development of a new User Interface layer on top of the Open Source, making this powerful system much more accessible and much easier to learn and use.

Finally, the Aula LMS provides all the advanced management features that an Educational Institution of any size would require, such as advanced assessments, grade books and reporting, advanced learning analytics and even live classroom attendance tracking.

Worlds #1 LMS

The platform is built on top of the number one most implemented Open Source LMS in the world. This means you can backup your Aula courses and install and use them on any SCORM compatible LMS version anywhere, anytime. We provide a superior user interface, without sacrificing any  features or functionality.


Fully Hosted & Supported

OpenAula is provided to you as a PaaS (Platform as a Service), which means it is fully hosted and supported, providing top quality, always-on access and security. All your courses and data are installed on parallel failover servers with daily and weekly backups and you can also backup your own courses locally for added safety. 


Generative AI Integration*

OpenAula will provide you with the latest Generative AI tools in a Content Development “Wizard” which will let you develop and/or update entire courses or content modules with just a few simple steps and inputs. Generative models will help you create more effective learning plans, ensuring better student learning outcomes.

* coming soon

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