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The Aula Teaching & Learning Platform

It is through the application of the Agile Design and Development process described below that the Aula Teaching & Learning Platform has been born.  The result is a modern Learning Content Management System (LCMS) which is above all easy to use with an intuitive user interface designed BY teachers FOR teachers.  This system, which empowers Teachers, Trainers, Tutors, Course Designers or Content Developers to start creating courses on day one, is being made available as a fully hosted and fully supported cloud application, which can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.

As shown below, ASAP4D has developed several branded versions of the Aula Platform for the purpose of providing a best of breed Teaching & Learning Platform for each audience.


OpenAula has been designed for Teachers, Students and Educational Institutions K-12 through University level, specifically with a focus on providing service and support to North American and European Teachers and Students.


OpenAula is offered in LATAM as a Spanish first platform designed for Teacher, Students and Educational Institutions, K-12 through University.  The platform and associated sites are tailored specifically to support south American / LATAM users and institutions.


The AulaMarketplace, coming soon, will provide a central place for all Teachers to search and download ready-made courses and content. It will as well allow Teachers, Trainers, Course Designers and Developers to upload and share their creations, for free or for a fee, the authors choice, to a global audience of LMS users.


Finally, AulaLCMS is the platform where all the Aulas connect to access Tutorials, Guides, Videos, Support and more, all in one central and accessible place for all.  And of course, this site supports the languages of all platforms, currently English and Spanish.

Why us?

After working for more than two decades in the USA and Europe and, for the last twelve years in south America, providing education systems and helping teachers implement technology solutions to enhance their classes, Peter, the founder and creator of the Aula LMS felt that there must be an easier solution than the unnecessarily complex, hard to learn and expensive Teaching & Learning Platforms available.

So, he decided to do something about it!

Peter decided to combine his 35 years of  global experience in the practical application of learning technology, with the co-founder Andrés significant expertise in full stack programming and more than a decade of specific experience in developing and implementing highly customized Learning Management System (LMS) projects.

The result is Aula, a modern Teaching & Learning Platform which is above all easy to use with an intuitive user interface designed BY teachers FOR teachers.  This system, which allows teachers to start creating courses on day one, is now being made available as a fully hosted and fully supported cloud application, which can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.


ASAP and the four D´s, what does that mean?  Referring to the 4 D´s of “Design Thinking” it defines the process involved in how the company approached the new Aula Teaching & Learning Platform project, from the initial Discovery process through to Delivery of the excellent results.  Here is some more detail…


This first part of our Agile 4 D process draws on our teams more than 30 years of experience in the EdTech space combined with a thorough Market Research Study, Competitor Analysis and a listening study in the existing channels to first gain an overall understanding of the competitive landscape and the proposed products’ unfair advantages in this marketplace.  From that we work with all stakeholders to create a high level followed by a more detailed breakdown of the product / service requirements, resulting in a baseline functional Requirements Document to kick off the project.


Our creative design team takes over and an agile design – development – delivery – analysis iterative process begins.  The team´s skills spans the spectrum of UID and UIX design with a full toolbox of front end coding experience.  This is put to good use in developing the use cases that serves as a basis for wireframing screen flows and interface designs.  Developing color palettes, font styles and graphic imaging is of course part of this process to make the product speak the brand.



We are specializing on academic systems and platforms and so the development teams skills reflect that.  This means that while we have a full set of the basic front end coding such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript and various frameworks, we do specialize in PHP, Java and Ruby on the back end.  The team has as well built significant expertise in mobile app development on both Android and iOS.  Finally, the importance of the skill set the team has developed in building AWS architectures that allows rapid scaling from very small to massive sites, without loosing a beat, can not be underestimated.



This is by no means the end of a process, but rather just another step in the agile never ending cycle of continuing improvement.  Nevertheless, the importance of a well planned and prepared client handoff and onboarding process is critical to any project’s success.  This involves training administrators as well as end users, in addition to preparing overview videos, tutorials, guides and other how-to documentation the client, or the client’s customer may need in order to use the product in the most effective manner.  Then collect feedback, analyze and turn back to improve more.